How to route your Minecraft server through a domain [Cloudflare]

Published: 6 June 2019 6:18 PM



This tutorial will work with any domain registrar as long as you use Cloudflare.

Additional help can be received from FroHost Discord server or by creating a ticket on our billing page.

Without Cloudflare

You will need to add your domain to Cloudflare by creating your account on

Click "+ Add a Site" and put in your domain. The process will be effortless as Cloudflare will guide you through.

Even if you went through this article successfully without Cloudflare, we still recommend Cloudflare for DDoS protection and security.

Adding the records

  1. Locate the base IP of your serverServer IP
  2. Create an A record in the DNS section of your domain on Cloudflare. You can name the A record anything you want and put the IP of your server without the port in the IPv4 part. Then, click "Add Record." Make sure the name you set isn't a name you want people to use when they enter your game.Cloudflare A Record
  3. Create an SRV record with the service being "_minecraft" and the protocol TCP. You can change the name to something your visitors would join your server by it such as "play" or "mc" which would resolve to "" et cetera. Then click save.Cloudflare SRV record prompt 1st
  4. Then, find the port listed for your server and set it as your port for your SRV record and make sure your target is the A record plus your domain. If you chose "clyde" for your A record and your domain is "" it would be ""
    Cloudflare SRV Record prompt 2nd

Syntax meant instead of Please disregard the error and assume it is


Try testing if your DNS records are working by adding your server IP or directly joining to the IP.

Adding Minecraft server


Fortunately, our server had responded.



Now you can play on your server using your domain with friends, your community, or by yourself.

Syntax playing minecraft by himself

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